What You Need To Know When Surviving the Wilderness

You can never be too prepared when it comes to taking a trip or adventure into the woods or mountains.  It is very important that have you plan on going on an outdoor adventure that you keep some important tips in mind at all times.  Here are a few things that every person needs to know to ensure that if they get lost in the woods they have the survival tips they need to help them survive in the outdoors.

You need to make sure that you know where and how to create yourself a shelter in the woods or mountains.  A lot of the times many people think of a shelter as being a cave of some sort however this is not always readily available depending on the terrain and area you are in.

Some of the most important things you need to keep in mind when deciding on a place to create a shelter are of course that you are on dry land, that you have a wide variety of firewood readily available near your campsite, and to make sure that your location can be made visible for anyone that may be looking for you.

You want to make sure that you have materials needed to make your shelter and that you have chosen an area where you can be protected by winds and harsh temperatures as well as a good food source if you happen to need food.  Making sure that you have a campsite and suitable shelter is essential when it comes to surviving in the wilderness and something that you need to know about in case you need to build a shelter of your own if you become lost in the woods.

You also want to make sure you have knowledge about creating a fire.  A fire is a “must” if you are lost in the wilderness and serves as a purpose to many things, such as cooking food, keeping you warm, as well as protects you from predators.  You want to make sure that the location that you are placing your fire in a safe area and that nothing is near it to catch on fire such as other small bushes or trees.

You definitely don’t want an out of control fire on your hands. You want to make sure that when you first start building your fire that you start off with small pieces of wood and that you gradually work up to larger pieces of food.  You also want to make sure that you make your fire in an area that has low grades of wind so that debris from the fire is not blown to other areas of the woods creating a forest fire.

Finding a good source of water and food is also a very important key that anyone should know if they find themselves lost in the woods.  Because our bodies are made up primarily of water and we literally lose around a gallon a day, it is very necessary that you remain hydrated. You certainly don’t want to become dehydrated out in the wilderness by yourself.  You can also find fruits and vegetables that can help in the amount of water that you give to your body as well as nutrients to give you the extra energy you need to survive in the outdoors.  Make sure that you research the different plants that you can consume without giving your body bodily harm. Most of the time, unless you are lost in the desert, you will find natural sources of food, which is why it is essential to know what types of plants you can and cannot consume.

Another important tip that you need to know if you happen to get stranded out in the woods or mountains, is creating your SOS to alarm others that you are lost out in the woods.  You can send an SOS through smoke from a fire, mirrors, or even a flashlight.  An SOS is three short signals, then three long signals, and another three short signals of either sound or lights.  This is a great way to let people know where to look and to start a search for you and your campsite.  The SOS method has been used for hundreds and hundreds of years and has been the key to many people’s outdoor survival.

So make sure the next time you plan on going on an outdoor trip that you keep these simple and easy skills to follow to ensure your wilderness survival.  You can also do additional research to find other tips and skills that you can learn before venturing out into the wilderness.  Incorporate all of your skills and use them when necessary.  Knowing the right tips and strategies is any person’s ticket to survival in the wilderness.


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