Vmotal Trail Camera with Night Vision 20MP 2.7K Game Camera Play Animal Sounds 0.2s Trigger Time 98FT Trigger Distance 2.8″ LCD IP66 Waterproof Scouting Hunting Cam 42pcs IR LEDs Wildlife Monitoring Review

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Product Description

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Vmotal Trail Camera for Wildlife Monitoring TC1

The Latest Design

Hunting camera comes with a 32 GB Micro SD card, which contains some audios of birds and animals. The timer play function can attract or repel animals,it is The Latest Design camera that turns passive hunting into active hunting. Vmotal trail camera is the best choice for hunting and farm security!

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20MP Image Resolution

Vmotal Trail Camera captures 20MP(5200×3900) ultra-clear images, allows you to see the most real wildlife world (optional pixels: 20MP, 16MP, 12MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP, 1MP)

2.7k Video Resolution

The video quality is better than most game cameras on the market. Ultra HD video brings you a different experience, recording the most exciting moments for you! (2.7K and below pixels are optional)

Excellent Night Vision

Equipped with 3 passive infrared sensors, 42pcs IR LEDs, and 850nm infrared technology, excellent sensitivity and night vision brings you a clear view of wildlife at night.

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Fast Trigger Time

0.2s activation speed and the 0.5 seconds recovery time can capture every movement once detected, the wonderful moments will never be missed.

98ft Trigger Distance with Wide Range

98ft(30m) trigger distance and 110-degree detecting range enable you to have a broader view and get closer to nature.

IP66 Waterproof

With reliable IP66 waterproof rating, allows you to safely place it in the jungle or other places to work, without worrying about the interference of dust and rain.

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What’s in the BOX?

1 x Hunting Camera

1 x 32 GB Micro SD Card

1 x Belt

1 x Tree Mount

1 x USB Cable

1 x AV Cable

3 x Screw

1 x User Manual

Product Specification

Photo Resolution: 20MP,16MP, 12MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP, 1MP

Video Resolution: 2688×1520/20fps;1920×1080/30fps;1280×720/60fps

LCD Display: 2.8″ TFT LCD

Triggering time: 0.2 Seconds

Triggering distance: 98ft/30m

IR flash: 42pcs 850nm infrared LEDs

Memory Card: TF card(micro SD card), Class 6 Above, up to 512GB(NOT included)

Please format the memory card before use.

Please remove the protective foil from the camera lens first

Batteries are Not Included in the package

Micro SD card (Class 6 up to 512GB) is recommended. A 32 GB Micro SD card included

Image Resolution




Video Resolution




LCD Display




Triggering Time




Triggering Distance








PIR Sensing Angle

Main PIR(50°)+side PIR=110°

Main PIR(60°)+side PIR=120°

Main PIR=40°

Spray-water protected

IP66 Waterproof

IP66 Waterproof

IP66 Waterproof

Range of IR Flash





6.59*4.88*3.07 inches

3.34*2.55*5.31 inches

4.09*2.93*1.69 inches

Scouting Hunting Cam

trail camerA+11trail camerA+11


Vmotal trail camera provides you with a realistic wildlife world. Equipped with 840nm infrared LEDS so that you will not miss every highlight moment even at night. It can be applied to hunting, wildlife monitoring, farm detection, backyard animal observation, home security monitoring…


– Picture Resolution: 20MP,16MP, 12MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP, 1MP

– Video Resolution: 2688×1520/20fps;1920×1080/30fps;1280×720/60fps;1280×720/30fps;720×480/30fps; 640×480/30fps;320×240/30fps

– File format: JPG/AVI

– LCD Display: 2.8″ TFT LCD

– Triggering Time: 0.2 Seconds

– Triggering Distance: 98ft/30m

– IR flash: 42pcs 850nm infrared LEDs

– Weight of Product: 1.43lb

– Weight of Package: 1.63lb

– Size of Product(L*W*H): 6.59*4.88*3.09 inch

– Size of Package(L*W*H): 8.82*5.67*3.62

📸New Design – The trail camera can timing play various sounds of birds and beasts, attract or repel animals, and the sound can reach a maximum distance of 3281 feet(1000m). Allows you to record more wonderful clips of wildlife! The package contains a 32GB micro SD card with various bird and beast audios.
📸Ultra HD 2.7K Video Resolution & 20MP Clear Image – The trail camera captures 20MP clear images and full HD 2.7K videos, providing you a vivid world of wildlife during the day(color) and night(black and white). Optional image and video resolutions make the image/video quality and storage space well balanced.
📸Fast 0.2s Trigger Speed & 98ft Trigger Distance – Once detecting movements, the game camera will be activated in 0.2s to capture the best moment! 110°detecting range allows you to get a broader view!
📸Excellent Night Vision – The hunting camera equipped with 3 passive infrared sensors, the excellent sensitivity will never miss any exciting moment. 42pcs 850nm infrared LEDs, which ensures you a clear image and video at night time.
📸IP66 Waterproof and 2.8″LCD Display – With IP66 waterproof, effectively prevent rain and dust from damaging your wildlife camera, even if it is used in the jungle or desert! The 2.8″ LCD ensures that you can set up the camera or view images and videos more easily!

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