Visiocrest B-3280-BL Laser Range Finder for Golf, Hunting & Archery Precision, 3000FT Distance Measuring Rangefinder Review

Price: $198.95
(as of Jan 29,2021 20:12:41 UTC – Details)

Crafted with care and precision. In order to give you precision, we had to learn the best way to be precise ourselves. The rangefinder is light-weight and compact so it’s really easy to carry around. It’s using high-tech and made out of premium quality parts. Every piece is manufactured to fit perfectly and help you reach your goal – which is why we believe it will become your new must-have for any outside adventure. Set your sight on things not yet seen! Perfect for any golf game, you can measure the distance and better your game in ways you’d only dream about. The rangefinder has a special Flagpole mode made to lock the pole and make sure you’ve set your eyes on the right prize! Switch easily between meter or yard measurement, to be as precise as you possibly can! An eagle eye at the palm of your hand! The laser rangefinder helps you get closer to your target without ever having to move towards it! Transform your hunting experience with our Scan mode, and tag multiple targets while having fast and accurate measurements of how far they are! This way you’ll never find yourself caught unprepared and once again prove to be at the top of the food chain. Let it be your new favorite accessory! The rangefinder is water-resistant, has a long-lasting battery, looks really cool, and will help you see further than ever before! It’s a perfect companion for any escapade, waiting to give you a new, exciting experience while venturing outside!

Versatile laser rangefinder – Our laser rangefinder is built to help you see better and further than ever before! Use it for hunting, golfing, archery, or any other adventure! Choose from 5 different modes: ranging, flagpole, speed, scan, or fog.
See clearly for over 1000 yards – Measure the distance precisely and fast! This is a high-precision rangefinder that lets you know the exact distance of up to 1093yd with a +/- one yard accuracy, all while giving you a clear image.
High-quality tech and lens – Tired of cheap-looking, low-quality rangefinders? We use only high-quality parts and advanced technology to create our products! The premium, multi-coated lens, and 905nm laser are made extra safe to use.
See through the fog – Don’t let the bad weather stop you! The microparticles in the fog can sometimes disrupt a reading in other rangefinders. But not with ours! Our Fog mode is made to provide accuracy and ensure precision despite poor visibility.
At Visiocrest, we’ve got a vision – and that vision is of all our customers being satisfied. In order to see that vision come to life, our excellent customer support service is there for you at all times! Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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