Tipi Hot Tent with Mesh and Fire Retardant Stove Jack for Flue Pipes, Lightweight, 1-3 Person Teepee Tents for Family Team Outdoor Backpacking Camping Hiking Review

Price: $139.90
(as of Mar 14,2021 07:56:40 UTC – Details)

Hot tent include mesh for 1 person with a stove.

TEEPEE HOT TENT. Floorless. Bottom diameter: 10.5ft (3.2m) , height 5.2ft (1.6m), weight is 3.4lb, . Designed a fire retardant Stove jack for stove pipe. 2 big air vents . You can cook, chat, work comfortably inside. It is roomy for 1 person with a stove.
TENT MATERIAL. Made of anti-tear 210T patterned polyester. The performance of Anti-tear is better than Nylon. Waterproof is PU2000mm. It can resist strong wind and rain.
TENT PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x tipi tent , 1 x stove jack, 12 x pegs, 8 x ropes, 1 x storage bag,1 x accessories bag, 1 x pole (NO INCLUDE STOVEPIPE).
1 PERSON MESH. height 4′ 7″, Bottom size: 7′ 3″ x 2′ 9″, weight is 1.4lb. Space for 1 people. Double door. Set up Tips: Pole can assist set up. Pole length equal the distance of center from corner. Unfold and Expand tent on the floor, place pole head on the peak loop and the end point to bottom loop, Fix bottom loops with stakes at the end of pole. For good ventilation, extend 1~2 hand length and secure by guy line.
MESH MATERIAL. PU4000 waterproof coating fabric. 210D oxford bathtub bottom to keep the dew away. MESH PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Mesh , 4 x pegs. Tips: How to reduce dew? Expanding gap between tent bottom and floor will improve ventilation and reduce dew. Remove mesh on the vents will be better. Tight sides and keep the gap between shelter and Inner mesh. It can drive dew to the floor and avoid dew your gears.
FLAME RETARDANT VS FLAME RESISTANT. Flame retardant is self extinguishes and does not melt or drip. The melting and dripping of a fabric is the greatest safety concern because the melted material can cause great damage to skin. Tent’s fabric use it to protect camper. So avoid open flame or sparks to protect tent. Flame resistant is resistant to catching fire and self extinguishes when exposed directly to extreme heat such as open fire. Stove jack use it to protect tent.
TIPS FOR FIRE SAFETY. Sparks will emerge from the chimney which leads to forest fires if using a fuel containing too much dusts; hence, choose fuel carefully. Please choose a stove with sufficient combustion, the insufficient combustion will also emit sparks and produce toxic gas which will pollute environment and poison camper.

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