This is exactly how to make the greatest bugout bag possible that is the lightest weight and has the best equipment

bunch of junk and and unneeded gear. Soap in a bug out bag? You’re not living out of the bag, you’re getting to a secondary location. Poor choice for water filtration. I could cut most of those choices down by 15 lbs. The last thing you want to do while trying to be as mobile as possible is haul around a bunch of shit.

Get your base weight around 8-10 lbs, work on stealth. Quit worrying about fresh clothes and washing up. You can do that shit when you get to the bug out location. Ripstopbytheroll mountain flyer backpack, some VX21 material will get you a pack sub 1 lb. anti facial recognition patterns for a buff to pass around towns video cameras from teespring. Who is hauling around a big ass metal water bottle.

This list is made by people who never tried their equipment before and it shows.

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