The Hunting Review

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“Addictive! From the time you meet The Hunting’s protagonist until the book’s end, you are pulled into her challenges—from her online dating addiction to her creepy new boss, all while raising three kids as a single mom. You will find yourself pulling for Izzy and loving her!”
Michele Wojciechowski, author of the award-winning Next Time I Move, They’ll Carry Me Out in a Box

Isabelle Lewis, top advertising salesperson at the Chatbrook Springs Sentinel newspaper, has a habit of falling in and out of marriage. After her last divorce, she’d shoved the emotional pain into a compartment in her brain to deal with later. With three teenagers to raise, bills to pay, and sales quotas to meet, introspection was a luxury she couldn’t afford. Her mind needed a happy place.

When Isabelle (Izzy) discovered online dating, it immediately became her favorite stress reliever and best friend. Often, she’d steal into the night after her kids were asleep to meet someone new. One fateful evening, the hunt for the perfect guy took a sinister turn when the mystery man she met turned out to be her worst nightmare! Reluctantly pulled into a web of lies, Izzy is forced to confront her demons.

Snarky, suspense-filled, and real, "The Hunting" is an exquisite entwining of the crippling emotional fallout of divorce with the quest for a healthy, fulfilling relationship. This inspirational story rivets!

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