Survival: Library Pet, Book 2 Review

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Denise Schneider’s ex-husband, Daniel Connolly, beat her when she filed for divorce after years of infidelity and abuse. Months after the divorce was final, Denise met Marcus Hough at the public library under unusual circumstances. Their immediate attraction caused them to fall from one intense afternoon of passion into a deeply emotional relationship. As Marcus and Denise grew closer, Daniel decided that he needed to teach Denise a lesson. Daniel’s attack caught both Marcus and Denise by surprise, and Daniel died at Marcus’ hand.

Aliyah Sadduzai, a reporter at the newspaper, has been Denise’s best friend since college. Her story about the attack becomes the catalyst for Daniel’s family to unleash a wave of violent retribution.

Now as their connection strengthens, Marcus and Denise must turn their focus to surviving the aftermath of that fateful night.

WARNING: This is an adult fantasy for mature folks. It is explicit!

This story includes descriptions of genitalia, descriptions of sexual activities, mild BDSM, erotic rope arts, martial arts, violence, uncommon relationships, romance, and other things that might possibly offend someone in our judgemental society. If you are offended by any of those things, then kindly go forth to enjoy life elsewhere. I wish you the best.

If you’re not dissuaded, then welcome to ‘Survival.’

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