SHINEURI Camping Pans Japan Designed Removable Handle Titanium Nonstick 4 Pieces Pots Pans Set with Induction Base, Dishwasher Safe (4 Pieces Set) Review

Price: $42.98
(as of Jan 08,2021 20:59:34 UTC – Details)

Fry pan – 9.5 x 2 inch
Sauce pan – 8 x 3 inch
Pot – 7.6 x 4 inch

Removable handle
Sauce Pan / Frying Pan / Pot
Oven safe / Dishwasher Safe / Freezer Safe
Stove-top & Oven use – Gas / Electric / Induction / Ceramic Glass
Perfect for 2 – 4 person meal

Cooking Way
9.5 inch frying pan – excellent for cooking meats and fish, omelettes and other fried foods.
8 inch saucepan – excellent for cooking soup, sauces, grains, pasta,ect.
7.6 inch pot – excellent for heat up veggies, or gravy, noodles and pot meals, ect.

Warm Tips
Don’t cut food while it is in the pan.
Don’t use it with harsh soaps, abrasives and any sharp objectives.
After use, allow the saucepan to cool completely before washing.
Don’t plunge it into cold water, as this can damage the nonstick surface.
Put a paper towel or handkerchief between the pans when stacking.

Package includes
Detachable Handle x 1
Frying Pan x 1
Saucepan x 1
Pot x 1

☞ Titanium Nonstick Coating Pan and Pot – The nonstick surface makes the food slide off, making cooking evenly and cleans easily. The Resistant up to 400 ℃ (752℉); Oven safe up to 280℃ (536℉). Oven safe / Dishwasher safe / Fridge Safe ( Note: Detach the handle when transfer the pan to the oven / dishwasher / fridge from stovetop. )
☞ Stay- Cool Removable Handle: The solid handle will not damage or scratch the pan as it has a strong hold when locked to firmly grab all pans and pots. The well-built detachable handle makes pots and pans easier to store in limited spaces such as RV, limited shelve space, and where space is limited. Place the pan on the stove, remove handle, when ready, turn of flames, re-set the handle.That the handle comes off and on brings a new cooking style.
☞ Cooking Ways: Excellent for soup, sauces, grains, pasta, and rice, boiling water and reheat foods, heating up a canned veggies, or gravy, noodles and pot meals. Suitable for 2 – 4 person meal.
☞ Induction Compatible: Works on induction, gas, electric, ceramic glass and other stove tops.
☞ Package Includes: 9.5 inch Frying Pan x 1; 8 inch Saucepan x 1; 7 inch Pot; Removable Handle x 1 ( Put a paper towel or handkerchief between the pans when stacking. )

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