SF Fly Fishing Landing Net Soft Rubber Mesh Trout Net Catch and Release Net Review

Price: $35.99
(as of Feb 23,2021 14:03:25 UTC – Details)

Product Description

SF fishing landing net has a solid and sturdy wooden handle and frame, easy to grip and balance when sporting for catch-and-release fish.

The bottom end of the handle with a ring that can match with a coiled lanyard and magnetic which keeps your hands completely free and avoid losing.

SF catch and release net features a soft, clear rubberized net material that’s gentle on the fish and won’t tangle, rot or mildew.


Super Silm and Clear

Double Sides,Waterproof

Heavy Duty with 60 Pound Scales

Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy with High Intensity and Light Weight

Puncture Proof Gloves with Magnet Release

Hook Sharpener, Mono Line Cutter, Jig Eye Cleaner

Intended for Midges and Small Nymphs

ABS Material Shell Keeps Your Fly Box Away From Water, Having Good Sealing Performance

Total Stainless Steel Body with 60 Pound Scales,Corrosion Resistance and No Rust,Can be Used in Saltwater Environment

With Built in Locks for Opening and Closing Safely, Fishing Pliers is Easy to Store and Carry

Made of tough polyethylene and latex coating,Can Protect Your Hand Hurt by Fish Sharp Teeth, Fins, Scale

Nipper and Beer Bottle Opener Combined in One Perfect Tool. You Can Fish and Drink Together.Enjoy Your Fishing Time.

2.Great for Catch and Release & Safety: The pure white clear net won’t spook fish because it virtually disappears underwater. Besides,the landing net comes in a 2-piece set with our new strong and durable magnetic net release, through the combination kit, you can better keep your fish and your net safe from harm & loss.
3.Classic: The frame and handle is made from laminated bamboo and hardwood, it will be easier to grip, feel comfortable. There is a special coating on the wooden surface, which makes the frame waterproof and resistant to abrasion. The end of the handle with 360 degree copper swivel which can match with our lanyard and magnetic release.
4.Widly Used & Portable: Best perfect nets for fly fishing on your favorite river, lake, or stream. Our catch and release net adopts integrated lightweight design, it is quite convenient for you to carry while go out fishing.
5.Size: Classic square head design. Total length: 24.2inches; Width: 9.6inches; Handle length: 8.3inches; The inner diameters of the Maximum hole: 0.6inches; Net depth: 8.6inches and extends to a maximum depth of 12.6inches.

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