SBox Ghost Box Scanner with Spirit Box and EVP Recorder Review

Price: $99.99
(as of Feb 10,2021 17:53:49 UTC – Details)

The SBox Ghost Scanner is a spirit box radio frequency sweep scanner and recorder for paranormal research. SBox includes many other features to aid in making your investigations easier while providing quality evidence documentation. SBox is a NEW spirit box built specifically for paranormal investigations with features we need. It’s a compact and easy to use tool for communication with paranormal entities. SBox utilizes radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise from existing FM and AM bands which theories suggest may provide an entity the energy they need to be heard. When this occurs you may hear voices or sounds coming through the static in their attempt to communicate. Recording and Playback features required a Micro SD card which is not included in this purchase. Max size: 32GB card. Rechargeable battery lasts for over 23 hours and charges quickly via USB. Loud, amplified speaker is built in with a headphone port for discrete listening. Backlit display and built-in LED flashlight. This model is pre-loaded with the latest firmware version. Other firmware versions can be downloaded (which include various features) via the manufacturer web site. More product information: see the manufacturer, GhostStop. NOTE: The display has a protective film on it which may make the display glass seem ‘scuffed’. It is just the film applied during packaging to help protect it. Please remove this film.

Radio Sweep Spirit Box with AM/FM
Select Speeds and Direction, Forward or Reverse
Record and Playback Sweep Session or EVP Audio via SD Memory Card
Loud, Amplified Speaker Built In (no external needed)
Rechargeable Long-Life Battery with USB Charging Cable

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