Outdoor Hunting Lab Rabbit Urine Scent – Predator Hunting Odor – Dog Training – Trapping Fox and Coyote Attractant Lure Review

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Product Description

Rabbit Urine ScentRabbit Urine Scent

Rabbit urineRabbit urine

Rabbit scent UrineRabbit scent Urine

How to use:

Spray from your stand while hunting

Spray on your boots on the way to your stand

Use our food smell attractants to bring them to your stand

Outdoor Hunting Lab Rabbit Urine

Bringing YOU 30 Years of Experience in Deer Husbandry and Hunting

Our Rabbit Urine will draw in predators to your stand.

As a passionate hunter, you deserve the best, which is exactly what you get with Outdoor Hunting Lab fresh hunting lure line.

The use of this amazing product tracks back to our state of the art collection farm where we developed the most potent hunting scents over the decades.

Each sample is collected in our stainless steel collection facility and checked for quality to give you the best results in the field.

Proven Formula Quality for BEST Hunting Results

Our Rabbit Urine is More Effective than the big brands

Higher Scent Carry Abilities with a Concentrated Urine

Optimized to exceed Your Expectations

Premium Quality Grade, FINEST Natural Rabbit Urine available on the Market

Outdoor Hunting Lab FarmOutdoor Hunting Lab Farm

Scrape LureScrape Lure


Hides your human scent

Hides your human scent

Hides your human scent

Hides your human scent

Draws in wild foxes and coyotes around your position

A potent cover scent to mist your human scent away

☑️DRIVE COYOTES AND FOX CRAZY – Our rabbit urine will draw in wild foxes and coyotes around your position. Rabbit supplies their noses with the instinct to hunt, so they won’t notice your presence.
☑️TRAIN YOUR DOG FOR HUNTING – Use your Outdoor Hunting Labs Rabbit urine as a handy pup training device- get his nose to the trail and used to the smell of rabbits. You can even soak the urine in foot pads and walk to create the trail a wild rabbit would make.
☑️HIDE YOUR HUMAN SCENT – Cover scent like rabbit urine is an excellent odor neutralizer for deer hunting and sport trapping. Spray this urine guard around your boots and hunting gear to ensure whitetail deer cannot detect your scent.
☑️️SAVE TIME, HASSLE AND MONEY – It’s so much faster and easier to just carry a few ounces of liquid Rabbit lure in your pocket than to drag a decoy or rabbit skin to your site. Using our rabbit training scent lets you move your attractant to new spots so predators don’t catch on to you!
***100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE*** Since our rabbit scent is the purest and highest quality, we’re sure you’re going to love it. We stand by our product! So if for any reason you’re not happy, by all means, contact us! Try TODAY and if it does not work we refund you. No questions asked!

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