OneTigris Backwoods Bungalow Ultralight Bushcraft Shelter 2.0 Review

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onetigris gearonetigris gear

Why Choose OneTigris Survival Gear?

Carefully crafted and heartily tested, each piece of camping/ survival gear carries a universe of beauty and possibility. We make gear for the wild and the free, and we dare you to walk the path of raw and wild euphoria. Join us and become the living wilderness.

Join the OneTigris community through 1TG CO-DESIGN & GEAR TESTING, or by giving back through our GEAR DONATION PROGRAM to NGOs around the globe.

ultralight bushcraft shelterultralight bushcraft shelter

Why Choose OneTigris BACKWOODS BUNGALOW Bushcraft Super Shelter?

A classic structure similar to baker style tents with a WWII foxhole look that maximizes the use of tent space in any landscape.

This is an upgraded version of the original design, featuring sturdier 75D nylon fabric with 1500mm waterproof rating, an additional mesh veil to keep the tiny creatures out, and extra wind resistance via added tie-out points.

Once again a huge shout out to our ambassador Matt aka @CommonFamilySurvival! It all began with his idea of a lightweight 4 season tent, no tarp and no poles needed for setup…­ All you need are 2 trees and 4 tent pegs and then you got yourself a waterproof camping shelter that’s sturdier and mightier than many!

bushcraft tentbushcraft tent

tarp tenttarp tent


Material: 75D Ripstop Nylon Fabric with PU1500mm Waterproof Rating, YKK Zippers
Net Weight: 1450g (3.2Ib)
Shipping Weight: 1500g (3.3Ib)
Dimensions: 7ft (L) *4ft (W) *3.8ft (H)/ 210cm *125cm *115cm
Packed: 16″ *8″/ 40cm *20cm
Color: Coyote Brown, OD Green


Larger, Better Ventilation System, More Room, Better Waterproof, Better Everything!

There are many people that loves our Backwoods Bungalow, although it is with some flaws, we are aware of that, and behold! Here comes the new upgraded version!

Rear bottom mesh door with flap for better ventilation, waterproof & convenience

Added a loop on the roof to hang your lantern

Longer toggles for easy tie up of the mesh screen

Two tie out points on the back for more room inside

More and longer stakes, better material, more rip stop, better zippers

Thanks for the nice pics provided by @scandinature @foeightysix @thewalkingrobin!

tarp camping

tarp camping

a frame tent

a frame tent

scout tent

scout tent

Quality Craftsmanship

Reinforced Tie-out points, waterproof & rip-stop

Super Ventilation

Special ventilation system that keeps you cool

Stealth Camping Gear

Practical Coyote Brown & OD Green color options that blends in surroundings perfectly

bushcraft shelterbushcraft shelter

Package Includes

OneTigris BACKWOODS BUNGALOW UL Bushcraft Shelter 2.0 *1
Tent Peg *10
Guy-line (10ft/ 3m) *6
Nylon Stuff Sack *1


Coyote Brown, OD Green

Coyote Brown

Coyote Brown


Coyote Brown

Coyote Brown


1 ~ 2


1 ~ 2


1 ~ 2



1450g (3.2Ib)

2700g (6Ib)

310g (10.9oz)

511g (1.1Ib)

1811g (4lb)

640g (1.4Ib)

Shipping Weight

1500g (3.3Ib)

3676g (8.1Ib)

320g (11.3oz)

550g (1.2Ib)

1850g (4.1Ib)

700g (1.5Ib)


3 ~ 4







7ft (L) *4ft (W) *3.8ft (H)/ 210cm *125cm *115cm

12.3ft (L) *4.4ft (W) *4.1ft (H)/ 375cm *135cm *125cm

6.9ft (L) *5.6ft (W)/ 210cm *170cm

4.7″ (L) *4.7″ (W) *5.9″ (H)/ 12cm *12cm *15cm

7.2ft *3.9ft *4.1ft/ 220cm *120cm *125cm

8.5ft (L) *2.8ft (W) *4ft (H)/ 260cm *85cm *125cm


16″ *8″/ 40cm *20cm

21.6″ (L) *7.8″ (W) *6.7″ (D)/ 55cm *20cm *17cm

11.8” *7.5”/ 30cm *19cm

6″ (L) *6.5″ (W) *0.4″ (D)/ 15.5cm *16.5cm *1cm

17″ (H) *7.1″ (D)/ 43cm *18cm

10.6″ *4.7″ *4.7″/ 27cm *12cm *12cm

Waterproof Index








75D Ripstop Nylon Fabric

75D Ripstop Nylon Fabric

75D Ripstop Nylon Fabric

304 Stainless Steel

75D Ripstop Nylon Fabric

75D Ripstop Nylon Fabric

75D Nylon Ripstop Nylon
Backwoods Bungalow Version 2.0: Tent light/ camping lantern ceiling attachment point within, reinforced tie out points, upgraded back frame for better stability, military grade tent pegs, better waterproofing
Perfect Bushcraft Shelter: Easy to set up, no tarp or poles needed, just two trees and several pegs and you can get your outdoor shelter very quick
Super Rip-stop: Made with 75D Nylon fabric with 1500mm waterproof performance for extra durability, easy to carry, lightweight & portable
Better Ventilation: Double layered entrance with bug free mesh door for good airflow, flapped zipper entrance and lower windows to keep rainwater out
Larger Size: Dimensions: 7ft (L) *4ft (W) *3.8ft (H)/ 210cm *125cm *115cm | Weight: 1450g/ 3.2Ib | NO POLE INCLUDED

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