Nurch LED Camping Lantern Rechargeable USB Waterproof LED Lantern Outdoor Portable Lanterns with 3 Light Mode, 4400mAh Power Bank Flashlight Survival Kits for Hurricane, Camping, Hiking, USB Included Review

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Product Description


Nurch LED Camping Lantern

Nurch LED camping lantern is mainly blue and gray, which enhances the texture of the outdoor led camping lantern, and the atmosphere of the mini military uniform is perfectly displayed.
Backpacking lantern are small in appearance, easy to carry and collection.
Lantern camping with two hooking methods which can be hung anywhere are also easy to place.
Nurch waterproof camping lantern with 4400mAh, IP44 waterproof LED lantern outdoor portable lanterns with USB cable included
Camping lanterns can have three modes, we can adjust and create atmosphere according to different situations.

Led camping lanterns are not only romantic, but also full of dangers everywhere. The most indispensable thing in the dark is light. In order to enhance the safety of the range of activities, camp lantern are usually carried. Rechargeable camping lantern are one of the best options for camping accessories.



1.Keep away from children

2.This product is not a toy

3.Do not look directly into LED as this may cause damage to your eyes

4.Turn off the light when Charging


Brightness: 500 lumen, 8watts
Battery: 3.7v, 4400mAh rechargeable battery
Long Work Time: 3-5 hrs
Light Mode: Low, High, Flashlight
Weight: 455g
Size:8 x 8 x 18 cm (W x D x H)
Water Resistance: IPX4
Application: Hiking, Camping, Fishing, BBQ, Picnic or just a lamp for school dormitory.

Confidence Quality and Service: We are very confident that you will like Nurch rechargeable lanterns for camping, the quality is very good, and we provide after-sales support to solve your problem.

NOTE: It’s NOT compatible with DC adaptor OVER 5V.









Power Bank

Just long press and hold the switch button which camping lantern rechargeable can be used as a power bank with 4400mAH. We not only can reduce the weight while camping, but also have money left to buy power banks.

IPX4 Water Resistance

The waterproof camping lantern can withstand splashing water into the fuselage at any angle when it rains, and camping lights and lanterns have no effect on the fuselage.

360 Degree Brightness

LED lantern camping have realized no blind spots, uniform brightness and color distribution, soft light, no ghosting, and the brightness index reaches level I.

Three Lighting Modes

Daylight mode can be used for reading, watching the stars, fishing, etc. Combined mode can be used for garage repairs, cooking, BBQ and gatherings, and flashing mode is used as emergency camping lantern to send emergency flashlight for alert or for help.











LED portable lights is perfect for hiker to see the road conditions in advance. It also can be hung on backpack with lightweight and small size.


The suitable camping light makes the reader immersed in the wonderful experience of reading in camping. The soft daylight model can protect the eyes. The camping lantern was hung on the tent and the children can enjoy the fun of the book together.

Repairing Car

The rechargeable light can be placed in the car as emergency light. Especially in winter, cars are prone to problems. It is helpful to illuminating car repair, emergency lights are a practical tool.


Camping lamps and lantern can illuminate the surrounding situation and is easy to adjust the fishing rod.

【Rechargeable & 4400mAh Power Bank】The outdoor led camping lantern can also serve as a power bank for smartphone or mobile devices in emergency. LED camping lanterns can be charged with PC USB port, which support USB cable (included) and 5V DC charger adapter (not included). Please notice that it’s compatible with adapter over 5V voltage.
【Ultra Bright & 3 Lighting Modes】 Our super bright light with 500 lumen and 360 degree of wonderfully soft illumination. Just press the switch to white light mode, stronger white light mode and flash mode. The flash mode of LED flashlight lantern can can be used in emergency situations. This emergency camping lantern is an ideal perfect light in different usage scenarios and a perfect survival kit.
【Convenient and Portable】 There is a hook on the top of the camping LED lantern, which is convenient to carry the camping lantern when walking. There is also a hook at the base of this camping light, which can hang the tent light upside down to get better lighting effect when lighting a large area. Great for a child or kids, backyard, patio, emergency kit.
【Waterproof & Non-slip】 The camping lamp is waterproof and can be used even in Any weather. Waterproof camping lantern is very suitable for outdoor, camping, hiking, fishing and other activities. Note: Do not soak in water. The bottom and top are designed with non-slip parts, which can be shockproof and non-slip.The camping lights and lanterns will not be broken even if it is blown. Camp lantern is more at ease when used.
【Buy with Confidence】Trust in the Burch Brand for durable lights with reliable power, to fit your lifestyle. You’ll feel pleasantly surprised at the brightness, quality, durability, longevity and performance. What are you waiting for? Click the Add to Cart Button to Order NOW!

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