M Knives – Damascus Hunting Knife For Camping And Hunting – A Viking Knife With A Perfect Leather sheath – Handmade Bowie Knife With Rose Wood Handle Review

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WE at M Knives are professionalized in the cutlery products for about 15 years from now. We provide different types of hunting accessories and hunting pack, and these pocket knives are just an example of our experience and quality material that we provide to our customers.


This HUNTING KNIFE is handmade by hammering the damascus steel and giving it a proper shape and attractive design by hands, the blade then goes for the refurbishment and the blade gets sharpened manually with hands to ensure most sharp and long lasting cutting edges. These belt knife are also unique for their handmade handle which is so perfect to hold, this design handle also provides Legendary looks to the knife. These knives for men will surely stand dashing among all other Blades. This Rambo knife comes with a very Fine leather sheath, Which is sewed from both sides to make sure the Mighty blade stay inside and avoid any self injuries in camping , hiking , fishing , BBQ set up ,  and so on .. This hunting knife with sheath will adopt its self in every situation and occasion Greatly…

  • (Dimensions & Weight) 
  • Total Length 12 Inches
  • Blade Length 7 Inches
  • Handle Length 5 Inches
  • Sheath Length 7.5 Inches
  • Total Weight 500 Grams

We provide Quality with service, Feel free to contact for any query 
BUY CONFIDENTLY because we provide 100% Money back guarantee in any case of dissatisfaction about the purchase.
REGARDS (M Knives)
( Material Quality Of Damascus Knife ):🔪 This knife is hand forged by hammering the damascus steel of more than 160 Layers, these hunting knives have 60+HCR(ROCKWELL) tough material, You can totally relay on the material quality of these Bobcat knives is then Sharpened Manually with hands to Help you get the best out of it.
( DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT ):🔪 The dimensions of this pretty knife are…. Total_Length=12inches… Blade_length=7 inches… Handle_length=5inches… Sheath length=7.5inches…… TOTAL knife weight is 500 Grams.
( Possible Usage ):🔪 As the pocket knife is not so big in size so it can the the best camping knife , hiking knife , outdoor knife , hunting knife , bowie knife etc, This fixed blade knives will be the all-rounder Hunting gear and will adopt in every outdoor occasion like camping , hunting , fishing, hiking, traveling , or wondering in the woods, This knife will always be the best partner of your in the outdoor world.
( Leather Sheath and Rose Wood handle ):🔪 This handmade knife comes with a Protective leather sheath of 5 inches, which makes it the best case knife, And the Handle of this fixed blade knife is another highlighting feature and makes it stand out among other outdoor edge knives, the design of the handle is non skid and provide ease while using this survival knife .
( A Great GIFTING Idea?): these viking knife comes with an attractive sheath and A very decent gift box, So you can definitely count on these fixed blade hunting knives, Recipients of this gift will definitely phrase your taste for hunting gifts for men, BUY CONFIDENTLY because we provide best assistance after purchase and 100% Money Back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction about the damascus pocket knife upto 10 days.

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