Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking with Kids – Carry Your Child Ergonomically… Review

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Product Description

Give Your Little One the Gift of the Great Outdoors

Luvdbaby is a small Irish business owned by 3 brothers. All our products are developed to meet the needs of our own kids. We have gorgeous scenery in Ireland and we all enjoy an outdoor active lifestyle.

When our children arrived, we wanted them to share our love of all things outdoor. We wanted to see the look on their little faces when they saw a waterfall, a lake, a wild animal or a mountain for the first time.

We set out to develop a baby carrier that allowed us to go on adventures with our kids. We wanted a carrier that was comfortable and safe for our children and we parents.

It is our hope that you and your children will get to go on adventures far and wide, that your children are introduced to everything that the great outdoors has to offer, and that you and will kids will make memories that will last a lifetime.  


Freedom to Roam

Take Them Where No Stroller Has Ever Gone Before

Let’s face it, strollers just won’t cut it on outdoor trails. The wheels get stuck or break. How is your child ever to really experience nature sitting low to the ground on smooth paths? You enjoy trails, why shouldn’t they?

We love front carriers, we have them and use them regularly. So why do you need a baby hiking backpack? Because you need to see where your feet are going to land on rough terrain. Having an obstacle in your line of vision (cute and all as they are) is a recipe for disaster. Keep you and your child safe as you hike by using a product designed for adventure. 

Manoeuvre difficult terrain with ease with your precious cargo.


Sleeping Baby a Distinct Possibility

Your child will ride in style in their little cockpit. It is padded in all the right places.

When we were developing your baby carrier we found that our kids often napped after a few miles. If that didn’t convince us how comfy the carrier we were testing was, nothing ever would. Our children are very zealous product testers.

While your child is awake they get a great view of the world around. Your backpack allows them to sit up high and see things they never would from a stroller.

The baby cockpit has loads of adjustments to make sure they are sitting securely and in comfort.


The Technical Bits

Protect Your Child

Your baby carrier has a mesh hood included to protect your baby from the sun’s glare.

Being from Ireland where it seems to rain constantly, we decided to also include a rain cover with every carrier. Babies don’t like rain.

The hood is removable when the weather permits.

Zero Back Strain

Your backpack has been designed to be comfortable for Mommy and Daddy too.  The carrier has great suspension and the weight is distributed very evenly. 

The height of the torso can be adjusted.

The mesh back provides ventilation and reduces sweaty backs which gets very irritating on longer hikes. 

Keep their Little Feet Secure

You carrier has adjustable stirrups to keep their little feet from dangling and kicking you in the back as you adventure together. 

We all love hiking but it is way more fun when you don’t have a small foot stuck in your back.

Our kids also say it makes them feel like they are riding a horse. Power of imagination.


Loads of Pockets for Stuff

Babies need a lot of stuff. Hikers need a lot of stuff.

Don’t worry, your carrier has you covered with a multitude of zipped compartments and mesh pockets. Carry diapers, wipes and food with ease.

We have also added handy hip pockets to keep important things like keys and phones easily accessible without having to take the backpack off. 

Change Your Baby on the Go

As we developed your carrier, one of our kids had a diaper malfunction on a hike. When they got to go, they got to go.

We added a diaper changing pad to your backpack. This provides a clean surface no matter where your adventures take you both.

The changing pad folds neatly away for easy stowing afterwards.

Keep their Bottle Warm

If you are a lengthy hike you need to be able to take a bottle or some food for the baby.

We have added a thermal insulated zipper pocket to your pack to keep a baby bottle or some food at the desired temperature for hours.

Ideal for a hungry baby after a hike in the mountains. 

Your Active Life Shouldn’t Stop When Your Family Starts

You are an active person. You want to pass that love of the outdoors to your children.

We believe the Luvdbaby Premium Baby Carrier will take you and your child on adventurous paths not yet discovered.

Your backpack is designed to keep you and your child safe and comfortable for many miles to come.

This period of your child’s development is crucial. They will never be this age again.

Open them up to what the outdoors provides. Fresh air, sights they have never seen before and precious bonding time with you. 

★ CARRY YOUR KIDS SAFELY AND COMFORTABLY: Your child will be carried safely in his padded cocoon with safety straps and stirrups. The Baby Backpack also has a removable stowable sun visor that shields your little one from the elements
★ BABY BACKPACK WILL PROECT YOUR BACK AS YOU CARRY YOUR CHILD: You may be carrying your baby or toddler for hours at a time. We have designed our baby back carrier to be height adjustable. The straps are heavily padded and the belt is load bearing to spread your precious cargos weight
★ MULTIPLE POCKETS + INSULATED POCKET FOR BOTTLE: We know how much gear goes with you and your baby so we have designed our carrier with multiple pockets specifically for you and your child. There are mesh pockets on the outer surfaces plus a large pocket on the back. The Waist belt has pockets for your phone and keys and there is an insulated pocket for baby’s bottle.
★ DIAPER CHANGING PAD: We know that when your little one has to go, they have to go. We have even included a foldable diaper pad for on the go changes. Place your child on it and you have a clean safe surface in all outdoor environments
★ BABY BACK CARRIER BUILT TO LAST WITH PREMIUM MATERIALS: Our baby back pack carrier is made from premium hiking materials that will stand the test of time. The main material is waterproof 600D & 300D Ripstop Polyester material that is strong and will look as good. The kick-out stand is made from strong lightweight aluminium.

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