Hiking: A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking Review

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Pick any trail for hiking in any region of the country on a summer weekend and you will find people of all age, size and ability enjoying the beauty of nature. You might find middle-aged couple walking fast along effortlessly talking to each other as they climb over logs and race to the next twist on the road. Following them is a troop of children, wandering around as they look for the shiniest pebbles or the smoothest sticks lying on the forest ground. The marching parents and the watchful dogs can be seen to herd the children forward. Among the miscellaneous group of all ages and fitness, there is a person who huffs and puffs to reach the summit of a hill as he or she shares tales of the adventures of her younger days. A sense of triumph, as well as contentment, is seen in everybody’s face as they reach the top, catch their breath and enjoy the amazing view. In spite of the difference in their speeds, physiques, motivations and styles, all the hikers are breathing fresh air, having a great workout, and indulging the simple beauty of the natural world. Just like those hikers, you may also feel the urge to be a part of growing community, seeking a powerful sense of freedom being far away from the digital hullabaloo of the artificial world. You can go on a hiking trip on your own or in a group and can choose the distance and destination by yourself. Don’t be afraid. It is so easy to accomplish this target that even your grandma can do it, literally! All you need to do is to follow the guidelines mentioned in this book to prepare yourself for this trip and you can enjoy the nature without any worry. This book covers the following topics: • Planning routes and packing for the trip • How to prepare yourself to live on the trail • First aid and tips for safety • List of essential gears to pack • How to save money and time

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