Facikono Saltwater Ball Bearing Swivel Set, Fishing Snap Swivels Heavy Duty Big Game Fishing Tackle Spinner Connector Review

Price: $9.99
(as of Feb 20,2021 12:59:26 UTC – Details)

Ball Bearing Swivel

With steel balls fixed on the swivel shaft, the ball bearing swivel rotates more smoothly and freely, making fishing lures swimming action more vivid and attractive to fishes.

Must-have for Heavy Weights

Made of high-class stainless steel and built-in high-speed bearing, which makes the swivel a great fishing tackle for big fishes.

Solid Welding Ring

Stainless steel welded ring ensures it much stronger than other types connector; Smooth coated surface and no gap ring design, not easy to damage your fishing line.

Multi-functional Spinner Connector

360° freely rotation makes the swivel popular used for all kinds of fishing, hunting, gardening, art purpose and anywhere needs a spinning connector.

What’s in Box

10 1# ball bearing swivels
10 2# ball bearing swivels
10 3# ball bearing swivels
10 5# ball bearing swivels
10 6# ball bearing swivels

Swivel Length – Ring Diameter – Pull Test

1#: 1.52cm / 0.60in – 0.30cm / 0.12in – 20kg / 45lb
2#: 1.78cm / 0.70in – 0.40cm / 0.16in – 29kg / 65lb
3#: 1.88cm / 0.74in – 0.40cm / 0.16in – 59kg / 130lb
5#: 2.24cm / 0.88i n – 0.50cm / 0.20in – 104kg / 230lb
6#: 2.87cm / 1.13in – 0.60cm / 0.24in – 118kg / 260lb

Box Size: 9.7×4.9×1.6cm / 3.82×1.94x063in

What You Get: 50pcs ball bearing swivels neatly packed in a small durable compartmentalized plastic box(3.8*1.9*0.6in), ranging in 5 sizes, 10pcs of each size.
Versatile Swivels: Assorted size of ball bearing swivels can handle your different purposes with ease, used for fishing applications, wind spinners, crafting needs, jewelery making, decoration hangings and anywhere you need a spinning connector.
Smooth Rotation: 360° rotation of these ball bearing swivels engineered to good spinning actions. Help prevent twisted and tangled lines (from your main line to leader) and allow fishing jigs to swim and spin freely.
Round Weld Ring: Completely welded shut round ring protects against cutting lines. Precise stainless steel ball bearing swivels highly polished with oxidation surface can effectively hold up well to continuous saltwater usage.
Solid and Strong: Works great on handling heavy weights, designed to be extremely strong for all types of heavy-duty fishing. Good for various rigs and leaders making.

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