EVERLIT [4-Pack] Emergency Survival Rain Poncho Reusable Mylar Thermal Blanket Poncho All Weather Proof Outdoor Camping Gear Review

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Product Description


Everlit Survival was founded by a group of U.S. military veterans. We deeply understand how it feels when lost a loved one from the battlefield to daily life, from inevitable to avoidable causes. Everlit Survival is established to make a difference. By sharing the best of our military experience and tactical practice, we strive to help all the people to better prepare for avoidable disasters, emergencies, and survival situations. Everlit Survival is here to prepare you for the unexpected and to safeguard your next adventures!

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EVERLIT Emergency Rain Poncho is a Must-Have supply for your bug out bag build. One of the most effective solutions to prevent hypothermia during any emergency situation.

Made from the PET reflective space/mylar blanket developed by NASA.
Retain up to 90% of body heat.
Extra thick- 26 micron, designed to last in any harsh environment.
Compact- Pocket Size design. Perfect for EDC carry.
Reusable, Heavy-Duty

Package Includes:

4 X Emergency Mylar Rain Poncho


Emergency Mylar Blanket Rain Poncho

Extra Thick and Highly Reflective, NASA Designed

Be prepared in the rain/snow and cold weather with EVERLIT Emergency Rain Poncho. The NASA designed space blanket material is capable of retaining up to 90% of the body heat. The highly reflective two-sided sheeting can also serve as a signal in a lost/rescue situation.


The EVERLIT emergency poncho can be used in any emergency. It is one of the essential emergency gear for outdoor activities such as snowboarding, hiking, and climbing.

Compact Packaging

Folded size is only 5” x 3” x 1” and weighs only 3 oz. It is perfect for carrying in the pocket for EDC or store in your vehicle.

EVERLIT Emergency Poncho Highlights

4-Pack Set, For a Single Family

47” x 40”, One size Fits All

26 Micro Thickness, Durable and Heavy-Duty

Lightweight, Compact Pocket Size

Resuable, Sustain in All Weather Conditions

First Aid Supply

Comprehensive First Aid Supplies

Hemorrhage Control



Survival Tools/Gears


Advanced Survival Gear




Emergency Food/Water






Available Options

Black/ Tan/ Camo/ OD Green/ Coyote/ MultiCam

MultiCam/ Black/ Coyote Brown



2/ 4/ 6/ 10Pack

2/ 3/ 5Pack

✅【Emergency Use To Retain Body Heat】 Perfect for emergencies where warmth or protection from inclement weather conditions is required. Helps prevent hypothermia and shock by retaining up to 90% of a user’s body heat. Emergency poncho can be use with an emergency shelter, emergency sleeping bag, emergency bivy sack, or other survival tool to provide you extra safety.
✅【Extra Thick & Right Size】Our military-grade survival poncho is toughly made 24 micron in thickness with PE tear and puncture resistant coating. Emergency poncho can be reusable and easy to fold it back in original package for future use. Each survival poncho is folded, wrapped, and sealed in the bag and weights about 3 Oz. The folded rain poncho’s size is 3” X 5”, and 40” X 48” is the size when it is fully expanded.
✅【Water-proof & weather-proof】 Your waterproof and weatherproof emergency survival poncho is made with extra thick PE puncture and resistant coating and strongly sealed seams to block out any rain, snow and wind and protect you in extreme conditions.

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