Emergency Survival Rain Poncho Blankets, Waterproof Retain 90% Heat for Survival Review

Price: $17.90
(as of Mar 08,2021 06:04:42 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Why Choose This Emergency Poncho?

-This rain suit is made of 24 micron ultra-thick polyester film material. This special material can help reduce heat loss and be used as an thermal blanket.

-The raincoat hat can keep the head temperature and avoid head heat loss, which is an essential survival tool.

-Suitable for first aid, used as hunting gear, mountaineering gear, camping gear, hiking gear and survival gear outdoor. It is also used to keep warm after hurricanes, mudslides, earthquakes and other disasters.

-Orange is for strong visibility and can also be used as a distress signal.

-Free your hands and be able to do other things in critical moments.

Emergency Raincoat Tailored for you

Weight: 2.5 oz

Really lightweight and easy to carry.

Feature: Reusable and recyclable.

NASA cooling design.

100% waterproof/windproof protection.

The head protection device prevents severe heat loss from the head.

Double-layer Color Design

-Double-layer color design, scratch-resistant material to protect the poncho from damage.

-Emergency orange blanket can help users to be found more easily get rescue.

Thicker Blanket Poncho

-Made of durable 24 Micron polyester film, which is 60% thicker than conventional blankets.

-The unique material shows good tear resistance and water resistance.

High-quality Ponchos

-The emergency blanket comes with a net bag which can serve as a storage for the poncho after use. Water can flow out of the net surface and dry faster.

-The bag has a retractable drawstring, very easy to carry.

Durable and reusable: This ultra-lightweight rain poncho is made of 24 micron ultra-thick polyester film material. This space blanket poncho has a tear-resistant and puncture-resistant coating, so it can withstand extreme conditions. The emergency blanket poncho is durable enough to be reused. You can fold it and put back into the waterproof nylon bag and it is ready for the next use.
Convenient to carry: This survival equipment is foldable and can be easily put into an emergency backpack. Can be used as an survival blanket to retain body heat. The size of each emergency blanket poncho is 50″ X 47″. This is big enough to cover your body, one size fits all. Our poncho provides comprehensive survival protection as camping equipment. It also includes a black mesh bag. You can put the poncho into a mesh bag and any moisture will evaporate out, making it quick-drying and reusable.
All season/activity protection-life-saving equipment keeps you warm and dry. Enjoy outdoor adventures without worrying about rain. Our thermal blankets reduce body heat loss and prevents hypothermia, and can even save your life in emergency situations. Our poncho dries quickly and can be used for hunting, hiking, camping, emergency survival, etc.
If you have any questions about our emergency poncho, please contact us. We will solve any problems for you. Enjoy the outdoors, WANPION protects your life!

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