EasyGo Products EGP-BEDTENT-001 Space Indoor Privacy Adult and Children Bed Daytime Play, Night Private, Portable Tent Shelter (Full) Review

Price: $75.00
(as of Mar 18,2021 03:08:14 UTC – Details)

Whether you are an E. R. doctor coming home after a night shift or a child needing a little more privacy for a daytime nap, The My Space privacy tent is the right choice for you! Made with waterproof, polyester material, the My Space tent can be easily set up in any twin or full bed or mattress, providing complete privacy and warmth. Use the My Space for a daytime play tent with the kids and a great tent shelter at night to block out cold drafts. Our quality material is strong and dark enough to block out the unnecessary light to give you the rest and cozy environment you need. Take this portable tent with you anywhere to get the most out of your sleep experience. The My Space is waiting for you!

Multiple Uses – The My Space Tent serves as a play tent during the day and a privacy sleeping space for you or your child in the daytime to block out light or at night to provide a warm, safe space. Our Pop Up tent is great for college dorm rooms, kids rooms and for occupations that need to sleep during the day such as nurses, doctors, police force, security guard etc…
Quick and Easy Set Up- Our quick Pop Up privacy tent allows the tent to pop up easily into place while you secure the corners to the bed mattress. Designed to be setup and taken down as needed for sleeping. Can also be attached and used daily. The My Space frame is ALL self-contained and does not have any loose poles. Just stretch poles and expand to set up and take down.
Warm and Safe- The My Space was created with strong and reliable material to block out any strong air flow in the house and enough space to allow you to rest peacefully. The ends have vented windows that can be zipped and unzipped and also the front main zipper can be closed fully or left open partially for light or air flow.
Complete Privacy- The material and size of the My Space privacy tent allows enough space and light depth for you to be in control of your privacy and comfort. The double layer roof allows for extra light blocking. You can sleep during the day in lighted room and will feel like it is midnight. Provides for great daytime sleeping.
Quality Materials- The My Space is made from a waterproof Polyester material that is machine washable to provide the best quality for warmth and privacy. Strong fiberglass poles expand and contract quickly so the My Space can be used temporarily or for full time use.

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