D-FantiX Kids Nature Explorer Kit, 24Pcs Outdoor Adventure Set Bug Catcher Kit, Nature Exploration Toys with Binocular Headlight Flashlight Magnifying Glass Compass for Toddlers Camping Hiking Gear Review

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Product Description

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D-FantiX is committed to providing different kinds of puzzle toys / pretend play toys and deliver good service to our customer. We hope all the people, regardless of the age of men, women and children, can discover their fun life. We constantly challenge ourselves to innovate and develop valuable, reliable products and solutions that bring you a happy life.

kids explorer kitkids explorer kit

Outdoor Exploration Kit for Kids

Explorer kits for kids are beneficial when it comes to educational and stem toys. If your kid is a curious one and you are looking ways to keep the kid busy, D-FantiX Kids Explorer kits are a perfect way to make your kid love nature and explore it.

Outdoor exploration kit for kids to provide your child with a fun and educational way to explore their surroundings, learn more about the world and grow while staying safe and comfortable.

High Quality Material:

Each hiking and camping toy for kids is made using the highest quality materials that are durable enough to handle rough play that comes along with your child’s growing imagination.

Deluxe Kids Nature Explorer Toys

Our outdoor exploring kit contains 24pcs outdoor adventure toys, include a 12 insect piece sets that help children learn more about nature, a self-powering torchlight, powerful kids binoculars and a magnifying glass, bug catcher kit neatly drawstring backpack.

Bug Catcher Kit

Bug Container – Handy tool for catching insects.

Tweezers – Pick up insects and transfer them easily to the container.

Butterfly Net – Helps to capture flying bugs and small fish.

13Pcs Fake Insects – Encourage kids know more about nature .

kids explorer kitkids explorer kit

kids explorer kitkids explorer kit

Package Include

1 x binoculars; 1 x compass
1 x headlight; 1 x flashlight;
1 x whistle; 1 x tweezer
1 x magnifier glass
1 x butterfly net
1 x bug container
1 x bug clamp
12 x fake bugs
1 x adventure notebook
1 x storage backpack

STEM Explorer Kit

Children are curious little things and the ages between 3 and 12 are when they’re imagination is at their peak. This Kids outdoor toys help your child satisfy their curiosity, explore & play while having the time of their life. These educational toys will help your little camper explore and learn more about the world around them while inspiring them to keep learning.

Gift Choice

These exploration toys for you 3+ year old son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew, godchild, boys or girls make for the perfect gifts for kids for almost every occasion including Christmas and Birthday’s that not only provides countless hours of fun but also helps them learn and sparks a love of nature.

kids explorer kit

kids explorer kit

kids explorer kit

kids explorer kit

kids explorer kit

kids explorer kit

kids explorer kit

kids explorer kit


Specifically for kids, hands-free for highest comfort with adjustable elastic head strap. 3 AAA batteries required (not included).

Bright Light- press first time
Slightly Dim Light – Press second time
Red Light – press the third time
Flash Red Light -Press fourth time


Designed for small hands. The eye area is also protected with rubbers, which won’t cause any harm to your kid’s eyes. Easy to focus. Perfect for bird watching, nature exploring and sports games.


Bright LED lights & easy hand-cranked operation, no additional batteries or charging required. This self-powering flashlight is perfect for camping & night adventures.


A real-working compass is the tool kids need to practice discovering the north and read maps. Let their imagination run free and show them how to understand direction .

DELUXE NATURE EXPLORER KIT – 24 Piece kids outdoor explorer kit Set with Children’s toy binoculars, headlight, hand-cranked flashlight, compass, whistle, magnifying glass, insect clamp, 13 fake bugs, bug catcher net, bug viewing container, tweezers, notebook and storage backpack to carry all accessories. Easily stored, used & cleaned.
EDUCATIONAL TOY FOR KIDS – This high quality exploration toys Kit for kids to discover surroundings, inspire imagination, observe nature, encourage curiosity, promote active play, build skills, educate & experience the world. A perfect gift for young children who loves to play outdoor and explore nature.
BINOCULARS & FLASHLIGHT – Our kids binoculars with flexible rubber eye pieces designed for young ones. Perfect camping gear for kids to scout, sports, games, fishing, BBQ, nature walks or wilderness expeditions. Hand-crank flashlight will never run out of energy. Safety whistle and compass are great survival kit for outdoor hunting, hiking for locator and emergency.
BUG CATCHER KIT – This wonderful insect bug catching collection set is so much fun for children. Contains 13pcs simulation insects, 1 bug catcher net, 1 clamp and 1 view container, Inspire children’s curiosity and encourage them to catch, view and release small creatures in the world around them.
IDEAL GIFT CHOICE – D-FantiX Safari Explorer kit support STEM learning, creativity, scientific discovery & free play, enable adventurous boys & girls to learn hands-on. Perfect for backyard exploration, camping, hiking,, educational & pretend play. Nice gift for Birthday, Christmas, Holiday, or Special Occasion.

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