Camping: Outdoor Skills for Your Weekend Adventure Review

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Discover the magic of camping and gain the confidence to explore the great outdoors. The go to guide for anyone that wants to get out camping, hiking and enjoying the wilds.

In this introductory book you will go for a weekend camping learning what you need to prepare and plan for before you go, and what to wear to stay comfortable.

Packed with top tips and handy hints, including the best way to pack and adjust a rucksack, what equipment you should carry, how to pitch a tent, how to get a good nights sleep, and advice on cooking on everything from a campfire to different types of modern stove. There is even a chapter on navigation so you can find the campsite and head off on adventures from there. The guide also covers basic first aid and some great activities to enjoy in the evening with children or with friends.

This book is written for those that feel the pull of nature but need a friend to tell them the basics. This guide is that friend, giving just the key information to have a great time outdoors in an easy to read and refer back to way. It would suit someone new to the outdoors or perhaps keen to get back into it, or maybe someone wanting to hone their skills before heading out on even more adventures!

The author is a professional outdoor instructor with over 18 years of field experience. A qualified Mountaineering Instructor, Winter Mountain Leader, Kayak & Canoe Coach, Wilderness Guide, Advanced Outdoor First Aider he has worked with the very finest outdoor schools and top instructors. He has led expeditions all over the World specialising in cold arctic and temperate mountainous environments but he is also at home in jungles and deserts. He has taught a wide clientele from youth offenders, school children, blue chip corporate types through to military special forces. Now it is your turn to share in the knowledge, passion and fun!

"One of the things I really love about my profession is introducing people to the skills that empower them to go off and have more adventures by themselves. This book is a product of questions friends and acquaintances have asked me when they have become interested in venturing out into the great outdoors. It struck me that there are a number of excellent specialist books on particular skills (many of them referenced at the end of this one) but not a great deal on the fundamental skills someone would need to just go camping and hiking at the weekend. " Christopher Lucas, the author from the foreword of Camping: Outdoor Skills for Your Weekend Adventure

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