Bestsight DIY Digital Night Vision Scope for Rifle Hunting with Camera and 5″ Portable Display Screen Review

Price: $139.99
(as of Feb 10,2021 13:50:43 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Night Vision Camera For Hunting

day/night visionday/night vision

BESTSIGHT Night Vision

BESTSIGHT Night Visight has a day / nigh switch at the rear of the camera, which supports day/night use. The camera lens is 3MP, 16MM has a great improvement in pixels and field of view, the imaging effect is better and clearer, and the field of view is wider. At present, we have 5W infrared illuminator in our package, no need to use infrared illuminator when it is about 15 yards. When you observe a target more than 20 yards, you need to turn on the infrared illuminator. The infrared illuminator has adjustable focusing range.

Use a distance of more than 100 yards, a small beam(Spotlight) is recommended it will be impossible to observe / unclear / blur. When the distance is less than 100 yards, make the beam larger(Flood light), otherwise the screen will turn white.(Please refer to the figure below)

Night Vision IRNight Vision IR

Night Vision IR

For fixed distance targets, the IR light condensing / flooding will make the screen imaging have different effects. Close spotlighting will make the screen white, and flooding will make the target clear (as shown on the right). Use spotlight from a distance to make the target clear. Specific debugging please debug according to the actual distance and environment

Night Vision Camera

Night Vision CameraNight Vision Camera

Night Vision Camera

There are 4 points to note when adjusting sharpness:

1, oscilloscope magnification

2, oscilloscope focus

3. Oscilloscope diopter

4, camera focus

night vision cameranight vision camera

BESTSGITH DIY Night Vision Camera

Pixel: 3 million

Imaging effect: HD

Size: 16mm

Adjustable focus

Day and night switch

night vision screennight vision screen

BESTSIGHT DIY Night Vision Screen

Size: 5 inches

HD Imaging

USB Connection

Back: “Menu” “+” “-”

Adjust screen brightness

night visionnight vision

Connect The Riflescope Sleeve

When you purchase this product, you will get 2 connection sleeves and a camera. Choose one and use. Unscrew the camera’s screws, attach the camera from one connection sleeve to the other, and then secure it with screws. If you don’t know how to use it, you can contact bestsight outdoors via Amazon.

night vision IRnight vision IR

Night Vision IR

850nm infrared illuminator zoom (concentration and floodlighting):

This product is an infrared illuminator with no light beam. When you turn it on, you can see that the lamp bead is red. Use this product to get night vision equipment to get more nighttime range

night vision cameranight vision camera

night vision screennight vision screen

night visionnight vision

night vision IRnight vision IR

product listproduct list


Package list:

2xEyepiece tube
1xCamouflage tape (Random Color)
1xNight vision screen
1xNight vision support
1xInfrared flashlight

【Day and Night】New upgrade hunting night vision be used in day and night and it can provide a color view in the daytime.The actual effect of hunting night vision is better than professional night vision device.
【Detailed Instructions】Easy to use,Can be assembled quickly by detailed instructions for a few minutes
【High Quality Night Captures】Give you a perfect visual experience,you can observe target in complete darkness. Ideal for a wide variety of uses such as surveillance, nighttime hunting wildlife observation and exploring caves.
【Multi Features】5.0 inches clear display screen captures ,360 degrees adjustable camera, 5W extended sliding infrared flashlight.If you want to get more night vision range, I suggest you buy an additional 5W IR illuminators, or better.
【Does not include battery】The package does not contain a battery. Please purchase it separately on Amazon.

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