500 PCS Slingshot Ammo, 9mm Clay Slingshot Ammo Contains Iron, Biodegradable Slingshot Ammo After Break Apart, 3/8’’ Slingshot Ammo Balls Review

Price: $10.99
(as of Jan 31,2021 22:49:45 UTC – Details)

If the slingshot ammo had not broken apart after shooting, it can be recycle and reused.

The slingshot ammo looks like chocolate beans, so please PLACE IT OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND TELL THEM CAN’T EAT.

If you have any question or problem about this product, please contact with us by email firstly. We will do our best to provide pre-sales and after-sales services.

The slingshot ammo’s diameter is 9mm and closed to 3/8 inch, so it matches most of slingshots. It’s different from the clay ammo that it contains IRON, in the same size, it’s heavier and more accurate.
Are you still worry about always getting the ammo from your bag? Now we have solved your trouble. Just use a small magnet to easily attract these marbles. We provide a drawstring bag additional, it’s very convenient to carry and place.
Don’t want to pick up the slingshot ammo which is used but worry about it will not dissolve and be polluted the environment? Compare with the steel ball,the clay ammo will break apart after the ammo hit the hard place, and it will be dissolved in soil faster, but the steel ammo not.
The surface is round and shiny, it won’t get your hands dirty, and we provide tow white targets additional for your practice, it’s very useful and can be used many times.
Package includes: a drawstring bag + tow white targets + 500 pcs 9mm slingshot ammo. (Notice: A bit of slingshot ammo’s diameter has tolerance of about 1mm)

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