1,000 LB SurvivorCord XT | 100 FEET | Patented Military Type IV 750 Paracord/Parachute Cord (7/32″ Diameter) with Integrated Kevlar Thread, Braided Fishing Line, and Waterproof Fire Tinder. Review

Price: $50.67 - $38.98
(as of Mar 01,2021 19:52:50 UTC – Details)

TITAN Survival’s products are trusted by Military Forces and Outdoor Enthusiasts all around the world, because our superior quality means Superior Performance.
Our patented SurvivorCord XT integrates 3 potential life-saving survival strands into our popular Military-Style Type IV 750 Paracord. The paracord itself meets or exceeds MIL-C-5040 Strength Standards for Type IV parachute cord, is pre-shrunk, 5.5 mm in diameter, and contains 36 individual strands, braided into twelve seriously-strong 3-strand yarns. We’ve then included a single strand of our proprietary waxed jute for starting fires, a 25 lb. braided fishing line, and a super-strong, 110 LB nano-aramid Kevlar thread that can be used for snares, repairing clothing and tarps, hanging food above a campfire, and many other emergency needs. SurvivorCord XT is our 3rd-Generation Survival paracord, and is the ultimate paracord replacement!
With an average Tensile Strength of 1,000 lbs., SurvivorCord XT is perfect for:
Proprietary Nylon / Polyester Blend
PATENTED NEXT GEN PARACORD – Originally designed at the request of U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan, our SurvivorCord XT is the 3rd generation of our exclusive SurvivorCord parachute cord. With a Tensile Strength of over 1,000 LBS, we’ve integrates 3 life-saving survival strands into TITAN’s trusted TYPE IV Military 750 Paracord. Available only from TITAN Survival, SurvivorCord XT is protected by U.S. Patents 9,528,204, with other International patents pending.
110 LB KEVLAR UTILITY LINE – We’ve integrated a super-strong, 900°F fire-resistant Kevlar strand into the core of the SurvivorCord XT that can be used as a friction saw, a way to bind tools together, or even to secure your food over a camp fire. In the end, this Nano-Aramid fiber WILL NOT BURN or BREAK EASILY!
WAXED JUTE TINDER – Our proprietary, waterproof, twisted jute fiber strand is designed to quickly start fires in an emergency. This is the best fire-starting strand on the market. Even in a downpour or after soaking in water for 8 hours, a couple sparks from your favorite SurvivorSteel and you’ll have an instant fire.
BRAIDED FISHING LINE – Includes a single braided strand of 25 LB, high-strength fishing line that can be used to catch your dinner, as thread for emergency sutures, dental floss, or even as a snare for small game animals. This filament can also be melted and used to patch holes or used to bind tools together.
THE TITAN PROMISE – If you’re unhappy with our products in any way, we will completely refund your purchase.

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